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EU regulations have complicated the sale and taxation of digital goods. In order to purchase our digital editions directly from Hadean Press, please send an email to listing which titles you would like. We will then invoice you via PayPal and, upon receipt of payment, will email your purchase by way of Hightail. You do not need a Hightail account to receive files. We apologise for the inconvenience. Some of our digital editions are also sold through

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Guides to the Underworld
Price £1.50 each. EPUB only.

Saint Michael the Archangel by Jamie Alexzander & S. Aldarnay
A manual of working with the Archangel Michael, focusing on a Hoodoo approach. 

Saint Martha by Jamie Alexzander & S. Aldarnay
A practical manual to working with her in the Hoodoo tradition. 

Fumigations for the Seven Planets by S. Aldarnay
A guide to making incenses for the seven classical planets using principles laid down by Agrippa, yet suitable for the modern world. 

The Mirror of Elicona by Phil Legard
An account of a series of encounters with a spirit of the British Isles. 

Goetic Pharmakos by Jamie Alexzander & Jake Stratton-Kent
Combining root-worker techniques with the spirits of the True Grimoire, Jamie Alexzander and Jake Stratton-Kent re-invigorate goetic practice with New World approaches. 

Goetic Divination by Jake Stratton-Kent
A practical guide to divination from a goetic perspective. Does not include the divination board sold with the printed edition.

Elelogap: The Spirit of the Waters by Jake Stratton-Kent
An introduction to working with Elelogap: The Spirit of the Waters from the True Grimoire

Saint Expedite by Jamie Alexzander
How to work with Saint Expedite, a practical guide. 

The Lunar Formula of IAO by Derik S. Richards
An exploration of the mysterious name, IAO, from an Ogdoadic perspective yet with applications to many other Traditions. 

The Headless One by Jake Stratton-Kent
Jake Stratton-Kent examines and explores the seminal ritual of the Western Tradition, The Headless One

Opening the Book of Lambspring by Christopher Bradford
The classical alchemical text, The Book of Lambspring, revealed via the interpretation of initiate Christopher Bradford. 

Kuan Yin in the West by Simon Bastian & David Cypher
Kuan Yin in the West is an historical and experiential study of the deity revered by both Buddhists and Taoists, and increasingly by Western esoteric practitioners. 

Goetic Spellwork by S. Aldarnay
Practical methods for working with a variety of spirits from various grimoires. 

Liber Pyramidos by Jake Stratton-Kent
Liber Pyramidos reconstructed, and with additional notes by Jake Stratton-Kent. 

Frimost & Klepoth : The Strong Spirit and Lucifer's Harlot by Jake Stratton-Kent
Frimost, the Strong Spirit, and Klepoth, Lucifer’s Harlot, are two of the most powerful entities of the True Grimoire

Santisima Muerte by ConjureMan Ali
How to call and work with Holy Death. 

St. Cyprian & the Sorcerous Transmutation by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold
A guide to working with St. Cyprian in the Quimbanda tradition. 

Saint Cyprian: Saint of Necromancers by ConjureMan Ali
A guide to working with Saint Cyprian. 

Priced individually. PDF only.

The Equinox: British Journal of Thelema: VII.9 -- £4.00.
(Read about Issue 9 here on our main website.)
The Equinox: British Journal of Thelema: VII.10 -- £4.00.
(Read about Issue 10 here on our main website.)
The Equinox: British Journal of Thelema: VII.11 -- £4.00.
Read about Issue 11 here on our main website.)

Conjure Codex V1.1 (RED) -- £10.00.
Conjure Codex V1.2 (GREEN) -- £10.00.
Conjure Codex V1.3 (BLUE) -- £10.00


Pandemonium: A Discordant Concordance of Diverse Spirit Catalogues by Jake Stratton-Kent
Price £10.00. PDF only.
In PANDEMONIUM Jake Stratton-Kent leads us towards a developing relationship with the dramatis personæ essential to the grimoire tradition.

Obeah: A Sorcerous Ossuary by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold
Price: £5.00. EPUB only.
In Obeah: A Sorcerous Ossuary, Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold teases open this Caribbean mystery and reveals a crooked path into the hidden world of Papa Bones and Sasabonsam.

The Starry Rubric: Seventeenth-Century English Astrology and Magic by Alexander Cummins
Price £8.00. EPUB only.
In The Starry Rubric, Dr. Cummins shows how astrology and magic offered analysis, interpretation, and solutions — locating humanity in a shifting web of interrelation with the stars and, indeed, the cosmos as a whole.

The Spellbook of Marie Laveau: The Petit Albert translated by Talia Felix
Price £8.00. EPUB only.
In The Spellbook of Marie Laveau: The Petit Albert, translator Talia Felix presents the full text of the Petit Albert in the English language, and offers a compelling argument that the Petit Albert was most likely one of the spellbooks in Laveau’s arsenal, if indeed she was literate at all.

The Dead Shore by Erzebet YellowBoy (Barthold)
Price £5.00. EPUB only.
In the mid-2000s, author and artist Erzebet YellowBoy created a series of panels using bones found on the shore of a dying Nebraskan lake. Here, presented together for the first time, is the full collection of those panels, complete with the vignettes included with each piece of artwork. This ebook contains twenty-three full-colour images of the bone panels, which now reside in private collections around the world.